2 – improved digg commenting system

there has been some recent commotion about on digg.com about it changing its comment system because of people doing stuff like always replying to the first post.

since it kinda sucks now, i have a better solution:

digg feature


1 – chair knows when u’ve been on too long

cool chair

speaks for itself. i know it’s been done but i had to get it out of my system.


cartoon guy clinging on fo dear life

just a little doodle i did to warm up. the poor guy didn’t realize he had stumbled across britewitelite.wordpress.com

anyway, this blog’ll be where i post some stuff you people may find interesting and maybe funny. i won’t be using capitals just for fun, this actually isn’t the way i normally write. (shh, if you listen real close you can actually hear half of wordpress.com groaning)